Built by CRM integration experts

Syncfrog is built by Clicktools – one of the first and most successful Salesforce.com AppExchange partners. We’ve been integrating with CRM for over 8 years so know it pretty well. That’s why we provide unique functionality such as the ability to synch from a Salesforce report to another Salesforce org or CRM.

Use Salesforce reports

No other IaaS product enables you to use a Salesforce report as a source of data. Perfect for moving objects within a Salesforce account or data loading in to a Sandbox.

Create & update multiple objects

Powerful mapping enables you to create, update, find and link multiple objects – need to create Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities from a survey or form – that’s fine.

Apply business rules

Not only can you put information anywhere, you can also change what data you put where by applying business rules to your Data Leap using Syncfrog’s SMART-Map. For example, you could put information in to a Lead record or a Contact record based on the information you have collected in the form or whether you find an existing record in your CRM.

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