How much time do you spend in spreadsheets transforming data formats
before you upload into your CRM?
There is a new way.When uploading data into your CRM the field format matters. This causes headaches for CRM Admins all the time. If your source file does not match this standardized format, you will have to change the file data. Now you can automatically transform your source data into the appropriate format during your sync vs. in your spreadsheet itself.Simply use When/Then statements as part of your sync mapping in Syncfrog. Upload up to 500 when/then statements per field. Here are some examples of where this comes in handy:

  • Matching account names to account ID’s for reference.
  • Fix types or abbreviations
  • Convert state and date field formats
  • Includes matches, starts with and ends with making it easier to search your source fields
  • And, much more!

You no longer have to spend hours transforming data using worksheet finds and replace before you sync. Simply use Syncfrog and the transformation is done for you, automatically.

Sign-up for Syncfrog Basic, it is FREE. We won’t even ask you for a credit card.