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What’s a ‘login’ per connector?
A connector is something that Syncfrog gets data from or puts data in to (e.g. SurveyMonkey, Salesforce, Marketo, Twitter). In the Basic and Bronze accounts you are limited to accessing one account in each connector whilst in Silver and Gold you can access multiple accounts. For example, accessing multiple accounts will be necessary if you want to pass information from two different SurveyMonkey accounts or if you want to use pass information from a Salesforce Production account in to a Sandbox account.
What’s a DataLeap
A data leap is the process of sending information from one place to another. So, sending the results of a SurveyMonkey survey in to InfusionSoft would be one dataleap. The basic version allows you to set-up 1 Data Leap, the paid versions allow more. Once the ‘Leap’ is set-up there is NO LIMIT to the amount of actual data you can send.
Is there any limits to the amount of data I can transfer?
No, all our accounts come with unlimited data transfer. You may be limited by your target system though.
Are all apps available in all accounts?
Yes, we don’t have any ‘premium’ apps so all apps are available in all Syncfrog accounts.
How do I upgrade?
We start everyone of on the free account. Once you have seen that Syncfrog does what you need it to do, all you need to do to upgrade is login to Syncfrog, click on your email address at the top of screen and select ‘Manage subscription’. There you can choose
Can I downgrade?
Yes, although when you do this, we will work with you to select which dataleaps you want to keep and switch-off.
Do you offer phone support?
To keep our subscription price low we are trying to support everyone through email and the community. However, if we can’t solve your problem effectively with these, one of our team will give you a call.
Help, I can’t code!
That’s ok, with Syncfrog you don’t need to. It’s all point and click (well and a little bit of typing).